Status of Current Water Pollution Today

Currently, the water environment in many cities, industrial zones, and craft villages is increasingly seriously polluted by wastewater, waste gas and solid waste. In large cities, hundreds of industrial facilities are polluting the water environment due to lack of facilities and waste treatment facilities. With the speed of industrialization, rapid urbanization and population growth are the main causes of increasing pressure on resources.

Water pollution status


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The level of water pollution in industrial parks and industrial clusters is very high

The phenomenon of water pollution caused the fish mass abnormalities. River water pollution turns black, waste floating on the surface of the water – the risk of human disease is very high.

Industrial sewage


Water pollution comes from the fact that lakes and rivers receive many types of wastewater and surface water is contaminated in many places. However, the main source of waste affecting the water environment is agricultural, industrial and domestic wastewater. Increasing levels of wastewater are now widespread on a large scale in most regions. The process of industrialization and modernization, many industries are expanding production scale as well as distribution range. Along with that, there is a huge increase in wastewater, while the investment in wastewater treatment systems is not up to the requirements.

Domestic waste accounts for more than 30% of total direct discharge into rivers or streams leading to rivers. In addition to these wastes, agricultural waste water is also a concern today. This is the main cause of the impact on water resources in areas where the agricultural economy thrives. Wastewater from agricultural activities containing pesticides or pesticides is toxic to the environment and human health. In particular, these areas, residential life still associated with river water, used as water for domestic use or aquaculture.

Cause from?



There are many objective and subjective causes of water pollution such as population growth, the downside of industrialization, modernization, poor infrastructure, and backwardness: awareness. The environmental issues are not high enough … Notably, the shortcomings in environmental management and protection. The perception of many levels of government, management agencies, organizations and individuals responsible for environmental protection tasks is not deep enough and full; It is not clear that water pollution is a direct, everyday and difficult way to deal with human life as well as the sustainable development of the country.

Due to poor awareness of the people

Also, the regulations on management and protection of water environment are lacking, the mechanism of coordination and coordination among agencies, branches, and localities is not synchronous, overlapping, not clearly defined responsibilities. teeth. There are no strategies, plans for exploitation, use and protection of water resources in the basin and large territorial areas. There are no rational regulations in financial contribution to management and protection of the water environment, resulting in financial shortage and insufficient funds for water environment protection.

At present, many countries with rural population live in poor backdated infrastructure where most human and animal wastes are not treated and soaked or washed away. The water pollution of organic matter and microorganisms is increasing. In agricultural production, due to the abuse of pesticides, water sources in rivers, lakes, canals and ditches are polluted, affecting the water environment and human health.


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