Jump starter cable buying guide

When buying a batter jumper for your lovely car, it is important that you buy a suitable cable for it as well. However, with the wide variety of brands and models on the market, it may be a bit tricky to buy the most suitable one for your car. You could compare jump starters cable but that requires some knowledge and experience beforehand and not many ordinary people can do that. Because of that, we would like to offer some help and shed some light on this matter.

Cable gauge

This number indicates the thickness of the cable. The lower the number, the thicker the cable and the more amps it can carry. And of course this will be a heavy duty cable for your car and will be able to jump start a battery much better.

Cable gauge

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Thin cable jumper might not be up to the task of transmitting a heavy current. If you force it too, it might get overheat and cause a spark and eventually an explosion. They may be cheaper but the price to pay when it goes wrong is too expensive.

Here are some numbers for reference:

5 gauge: this one is the most common, suited for the majority of standard cars on the market.

2 gauge: a heavy duty one, suitable for truck, tanker truck, etc.

Cable material

Cable material

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The best material that I recommend is the one made of copper because of the following reason:

Best conductor: The resistance of copper is very low so there won’t be much energy loss during transmission.

Flexibility: this is a must-have characteristic if you intend to use it for jump starting.

High melting point: if something goes wrong during the jump starting process, it needs to go really wrong in order ruin the wire. Therefore, you have less to worry when using this type of wire.

Does not loosen: Loosen wire is dangerous and could cause you precious time fixing it.

More durable: much less oxides forming on the surface over time.

Heavy duty clamps

The better the clamps, the more efficient the transmitting process will be. This will comes along with a heavy-duty cable starter. This piece of equipment will enhance the connection between the starter and the car battery. As a result, it will reduce the chance of spark occurring, which could cause damage to your car component.

Heavy duty clamp

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Cable insulation

An outer sheath is like an oil, fire and chemical retardant. Meanwhile, an inner one functions like an electrical insulator, preventing the amps from getting in touch with the conductors. It also protects the wire from external factors like water and heat, like a second layer of protection. If you want a secure and safe cable, pay attention to these two layers and check to see if they are strong enough or not.


With a slightly chance of something going wrong during the battery reviving process, it is important that you have warranty for your cable. You might allow too many amps to go through or connect with the wrong part of the battery jumper. Therefore, it is necessary that you have this cover for any of the unforeseeable accident.

A quick way to know this is to find out how famous the company is and what type of product you are buying. A company of great reputation will do everything in their power to make sure that their customers are satisfied because it will cause too much if they don’t.


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This process will cause lots of damage if done wrong so you might want to buy something that you can use easily, or at least the instruction is written clearly. You should establish a safe and secure connection between the cables and the battery to avoid unwanted sparks. Worst of all, an unsafe connection can cause damage to you and your equipment. Therefore, you should read the instruction carefully before buying or even better, ask your seller for a demonstration. They will gladly show it to you.

Storage bag

Of course with an important tool like this, you need to take care well of it. A proper storage bag should allow the device to last as long as possible and you can keep it in the most convenient place for easy usage.

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