How to choose a reverb pedal

playing-guitarPlaying guitar is a really great hobby. Being able to play your favorite songs with your guitar is really interesting. And it can be really nice to try something new sometime. Maybe a little bit of reverb? You don’t have to be a professional artist to add some reverb to your guitar performance. The reverb pedal changes the signal of your guitar and makes it sounds like you are playing in a different environment. There are many different types of reverb and they can sound very different. For example the Hall, Room, Spring, or Church reverb. So how do you choose a reverb pedal?


BudgetThe first thing to consider is how much would you spend for your pedal. A good pedal for average and semi-advanced users would cost you about $150. For example, you can grab a TC Hall of Fame Reverb (which is really good for its price) for about $120. The more advanced reverbs will cost you about 400$. And normal reverbs usually have prices around $50-$100. So depends on your requirements, choose the one that suits you.


There is some features to consider when buying a reverb pedal.


Are you using your pedal with a single amp? If it’s true, a mono IN and OUT is fine. But if you are using two or want a pedal for recording, go for stereo. You’ll find much different between those two.

Reverb modes

Common reverb pedals offer one or two types of reverb effects. You can find many of them in the store. These pedal has a single control knob and is really easy to use. On the other hand, there are pedals with multi reverb effects. They can offer 10 different kinds of reverb, each reverb has its own unique sound effect.


This is a really important factor that most people usually forget when buying their reverb pedal. You pedal may sound great with all the amazing feature. But if it does not have a good build quality then none of that is matter. How can you use it if the pedal’s quality is bad? So pay attention to this matter. Check your pedal before you buy it. Is it well constructed? Does it feel compact when you hold it? And does buttons and knobs work well?

Other factors

Do you like how your pedal looks? If you don’t like it, there is a chance that you wouldn’t use it. And does it fit you or the size is too big? Bigger pedals usually have more function and the smaller pedals are easier to use, you must maintain the balance between these two factors. And the battery capacity is an important factor too. If it’s too short, you might want to have a reserved power source.


It is nice to have a reverb pedal, especially you’re playing guitar. It can enhance your performance and add unique styles for your playing.

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