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Tips When Parents Let Children Go Camping

When deciding to have a child join the camp, parents often have invisible fears, especially the safety of their children. But do not worry because it takes away the vast experience waiting for the child ahead. If the parents want to go with children, wondering about the tent can refer to the following address to know more about the 8 man tent. Hopefully, it will help families who want to have the right tent when camping.

Camping with children


Instead of being anxious, thinking mind, parents seek out and thoroughly understand the specific content of a school camping trip, then talk to them and prepare the supplies they need. late.

Get to know the schedule and activity details of the camp

Camping activities


Before deciding your child to participate in any camping organized by the school, parents should carefully study the schedule and specific activities that the child will participate in the experience such as schedule Specifically, what new day will start at what time, hours, breakfast, lunch, dinner? The menu of the meal? Where will the games take place? Is the educational nature of play suitable for children? With the number of teachers, is it possible to take care of absolute safety for children? Is the child protection and care good? …

The role of holding a camp with children

Camping with children


Learning about and exchanging the above issues with the organizers, the camp is extremely important because the purpose of the child’s participation in the camp is for physical training, self-sufficiency, Embrace your strengths for self-confidence. So how are the children happy with friends, teachers during the camping with the menu that children’s body allergic? Children will never feel the excitement of the trip if they can not participate in the camp activities because of the condition and the condition does not allow.

In fact, there have been a lot of cases of kids obsessed after their camping trip because of the school’s unprofessional organization with camping and many activities that did not fit the physiology of the child and again. It is more of a learning experience than playing … It makes children feel tired, not interested. And you can not play the games as announced in the schedule.

Talk to children

Talking with children


When deciding on a child to participate in the camp, the next important task that parents must do is to provide counseling to children by showing them what to do or not to do during these days. Join the camp:

Teach children to listen to instructions and advice of teachers.

  • Tell your children how to first aid by themselves with the help of teachers such as broken hands, burns, and limbs.
  • Especially advised children not to wander alone in uninhabited places.
  • Do not participate in activities with groups without the teacher’s permission. Not escape the river bath, bathing alone or with friends even swim well.
  • If swimming in camp activities, instruct children to bathe and play on the beach, so it is enough for children to have an enjoyable experience with the sea. At the same time explain to children why not get out of the bath, so children understand
  • Instruct children not to bathe immediately when the body is tired, sweaty fun when participating in fun activities because they are susceptible to colds.
  • Tell your teachers and friends when your body has a fever, headache or any other signs of ill health for timely, attentive care from the school.

Provide the necessary and appropriate equipment for children

Apparel and materials that are appropriate for the environment, climate, and activities that children will participate in at the camp are what parents should be prepared to prepare. Such as: In cold climates, you should bring a lot of warm clothes so that you can change after the game hours, and if you camp in hot climates, choose thin, wide, sweaty suits. Wear raincoats and long clothing, if the children camping in the forest, if the cave need to wear rubber boots with high grip.

Run effectively with these simple tricks

Running Tricks


Running, the most popular and maybe simplest form of exercise, anyone can do it, even a three-year old. Nevertheless, running with the correct form so as to reap the maximum benefits of it is something unknown to many people. And that is exactly the purpose of this article. If you want to run effectively, keep the following things in mind:


To avoid any risk of unwanted injury, your body has to be flexible enough to deal with this highly physical activity. Hence, you will need to do some proper warm up in advance. This will get your body to loosen up its muscles and adapt to the upcoming workout intensity. Besides keeping the risk of injury close to zero, this will make the exercise much more effective.

Running stance



Stance is how you run. The better it is the less energy you will expend and the more ground you can cover. The correct stance is to run with your back straight, your head up high and always keep your eyes on the direction you’re running. Unless you are running through a minefield, there is absolutely no reason to keep looking at the road constantly.

Leg movement

How you move your legs and how you land plays an important roles in determining the effectiveness of this workout. Your knee and your thigh, when in the air, should make up a right angle. As for landing, only the front of your feet will touch the ground. This is so that you run faster and have much less chance of contracting injury.

Another thing to pay attention to is the stride which is how far your leg can extend. If you understride, you will not run as fast as you want. If you overstride, though, you will get tired much faster and have a higher risk of injury as well. An easy test to know if you have a good stride or not is to count the number of strides you take in 30 seconds. If the number is from 42 and over, your stride is really good. Otherwise, shorten your stride to increase that number.


Legs movement


Moving forwards

What I mean by this is that you should move in a straight line. Making side to side movement with the arms is unnecessary. The correct way to swing your arm is to swing your arm without crossing the imaginary vertical line dividing your body under any circumstances. Getting this correctly and you will move forwards with much better efficiency


Breathing is an essential part of any exercise. By using the proper technique, you will inhale more oxygen and your endurance will be lengthened dramatically. The correct way is to use “belly breathing”, the way babies do it, rather than breathe using your chest. Using this correct technique, you will supply your body with more oxygen and thus, have more energy to burn.

The gear

Running gear


You don’t need anything in particular for a short run. Just a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, a pair of shoes and a bottle of water for quick refill and you are good to go. For long distance running, however, your clothes must be sweat absorbent and tight fit to reduce the friction with the environment. This will fatigue kick in much later, which means you can go on much longer.

Note: If you have any feet problem, remember to buy a suitable pair of shoes to assist your feet. To help you with this problem, here is a list of the most suitable shoes for people with feet problem. This list contains  many types of shoes for plantar fasciitiss – plantarfasciitisshoesjudge, ankle and heel diseases and many more.



Home gym equipment 

Are you tired of driving back and forth to the gym just to get a workout? Are you looking to set up your own home gym? If the answer is yes, you have clicked on the right article. In this article, I will show you how to set up your personal gym, e.g which equipment to buy in order to make it a gym. Here are my suggestions.

Weight plates and barbell

The exercise combination with this device is endless and, therefore, deserves a first place in my list. You should buy 3 to 5 sets of different weights in case you get stronger. You should also look for a rubber coated, hexagon shaped dumbbell as it will prevent the dumbbells from rolling around and prevent any damage to the floor if you accidentally drop them.

Of course you will need something to attach those plate to and hence, the barbell. You should buy a sturdy one, preferably Olympic standard as this will train you the most. You should also buy a barbell with a diameter suitable for your hands so that you can hold it more easily.

Power rack

A versatile piece of equipment. With this piece of equipment, you can combine it with many types exercise, from weightlifting, parallel bar to even pull up. Besides, it will be of great help when you want to practice heavier weightlifting or leg exercises since there are no one to help you when you are training at home.

Weight bench

A device great more a diverse range of exercise. You could use it for ab training, weight training or even attach a pull up bar to it and many more. You could choose from the list of the best weight benches on the market or you could just buy used one for economic purpose.

A jumping rope

This thing will give you a hell of a cardio workout with all the up and down motion. It also works on your coordination as well. If you are new to this form of exercise, any type of rope will do just fine. If you are more advanced, get a light weight rope to train your speed and a heavier one to train your power.


A fun and very effective exercise. Rebounding on a trampoline will seriously train your body balance and coordination as you will need to use all body parts to stay standing on a trampoline. It will also train the muscle area from your stomach down to your feet

A stereo system

It does nothing directly but it helps keep you going for longer. Research shows that with the right music playing in the background, you will train much more effectively and much longer as well. This is because your heart will beat to the rhythm of the music in play.

That should be everything you are going to need in my opinion. If you have anything more to add, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading this.